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Featured video Gaming Setup #1
Featured video Gaming Setup #1

Video Game Streaming Platforms are becoming numerous and it is getting harder to choose as a new video game streamer what platform to use. With platforms constantly changing and merging, we thought it would be a good idea to lay out where to start as a new streamer looking for the best video game streaming platforms to use.

We have put together the three main video game streaming platforms that we believe you must use, and added a couple other ones as extra! So are you ready to jump into streaming? Lets do this!

What are Video Game Streaming Platforms

First off, we need to explain what video game streaming platforms are. These are video hosting companies that allow the streamer to upload and/or broadcast their content to an audience. This makes it so you can show the world from your home or office exactly what you want to at any time!

The first essence of streaming that we could find in history would have to be in 1881 when a revolutionary service began. This was called Théâtrophone. Théâtrophone was a way people in Europe could listen to their Opera live over telephone lines. Now I know this is far from todays video game streaming platforms, but it shows that we as a people have been trying to create a way to have an audience be reached from their own homes for a long time!

Back to Today’s Streaming Performance

Now that we gave a you a brief history lesson, or maybe just a simple fact, lets jump back into today’s streaming and what we need to know. There are three main video game streaming platforms that we believe you must be a part of to start building an audience in 2021. These are as follows.

Twitch: The Granddaddy Of Video Game Streaming

Twitch Video Game Streaming Platforms

Rolled out in June of 2011, Twitch is now the biggest video game streaming platform in the world. It hosts millions of creators and even more viewers. This is why this is our first go-to for choosing the right video game streaming platform. Now since there are so many people using it, it may be difficult to separate yourself from the crowd. This is where you work your creative magic.

It is always a competition to gain a n audience when so many others are trying as well. The way the browse section of twitch works doesn’t help that fact either. It shows the streams with the highest viewers at the top. So this means as a new streamer, it may be hard for you to get noticed at the beginning. But keep on going and do your own research on how to build on twitch. It is an amazing video game streaming platform that is a must have for creators in 2021.

This brings us to the next one on the list. The three top must be on video game streaming platforms for 2021.

Youtube: Sharing Made Simple

Youtube Live, Broadcast yourself

Youtube is a household name even if you are not into video games. This is why this is another perfect place to broadcast your content! In 2006 Youtube was bought by google where it soon announced its plans for a live streaming part of YouTube. What separated YouTube from other current services was the fact that you could save your past streams in YouTube.

Nowadays YouTube Live is one of the best video game streaming platforms out there. It is also crowded just like Twitch, but a definite must be on platform for any live streaming.

Lastly, we will mention one more must be on video game streaming platform. That is Facebook Live. Yes, Facebook!

Facebook: Not Just Your Simple Wall

Facebook is another household name no matter what online content you enjoy. With so many daily active users, it is yet another go-to from those who want to share their content live. Merging with Mixer, Facebook rolled out facebook gaming. Launched before this merger, facebook gaming was initially launched in 2018 and started signing creators from twitch which shocked everyone.

With its own tab on facebook and in-game reward systems for live streams, facebook gaming is somewhere that is often overlooked as a solid choice in the vast video game streaming platforms out there.

Be Careful of the Contract!

twitch contract for video game streaming platforms

One thing we would like to mention before we end this is the fact that you sign a contract when streaming on these services. Make sure you read these and abide by the platforms rules. If you don’t, they have the right to pull you off at any time!

For example, becoming a twitch affiliate or partner means that you can not multi-stream to all three platforms at once. You must wait 24 hours before sharing the content you streamed on twitch to anywhere else! Be wary and read through what your signing!

TikTok: Honorable Mention

TikTok video Game Streaming Platforms

Now this would be a pretty terrible 2021 guide if we didn’t mention the elephant in the room. TikTok. TikTok has the possibility to be the biggest of all the video game streaming platforms. With the ease it is to get thousands of views on a small clip, this can funnel traffic for you! Just like all the other platforms, there is an SEO to it and quite a bit to learn. But once you understand their algorithm, you can grow quickly.

It may take some practice and experimenting. But if you create excitable content on tiktok you could definitely increase your views!

If you want more info on How to MultiStream, visit our other pages. We have great easy to follow video game streaming guides!


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