Streaming Beginner Guide in 2021 (How To Start Streaming)

How to Stream Video Games in 2021
How to Stream Video Games in 2021

Streaming Beginner Guide in 2021

Streaming Beginner Guide in 2021 OBS Studio Overview guide

Video Game Streaming Beginner Guide in 2021 is a new hot topic search for those who want to get into video game streaming in the new year. In this highly competitive and saturated market, it is hard to get people watching you at the beginning. But what all do you need to get started? What hardware and software do you need to stream video games in 2021? How do you set yourself up for success from the beginning? This is what we are here for! We want to show you from the start how to get started streaming as a beginner in 2021.

What is Video Game Streaming in 2021 and How Can This Streaming Beginner Guide in 2021 Help Me?

Streaming video games is doing live recordings of play throughs, guides, or simply playing the game where people can watch and chat with you live. The goal for streamers is to  build an audience and reach people with similar game interests. By doing so they create a community of gamers and people that like to watch video games online. This is what we love; hanging out with people online and being able to support yourself financially by doing so.

Video game streaming is the new big business for people to get into. Everyone is seeing that live streaming video games, creating content, and making guides is really paying out big for people. Video game streamers are making more money than anyone can believe just by playing their games online with people and filming it. But there is so much competition now days, it may seem futile to even start. But the fact is, anyone can do it and be successful if you have a plan and be consistent. For example…

Video Game Streaming Entrepreneur: Twitch and Youtube

As you can see with this graph, live streaming video games on twitch is growing steadily over the last couple years and will continue to grow in 2021. This is because so many people log on to twitch to watch games and learn from streamers. Twitch really is the new TV for people that love games.

Source: Statista, 2020 (

As you can see the demand for quality streamers is huge. There are many people out there that will try to put you down when you first start out saying that the competition is too big. The reality is that yes, there is an enormous amount of competition. But, if you really push yourself and make quality content, you can be successful live streaming video games in 2021.

What is Just Chatting on Twitch

But twitch also offers different live streams other than video games. They have a category called just chatting. This is where people can live stream themselves talking about anything and everything. From business and investing tips, to talking about politics and current events. This opens the door to people who do not necessarily want to live stream video games but still want to be in the business. You can do almost anything on your stream and you will be surprised on how many people will watch!

Video Game Streaming in 2021 on Youtube and Facebook

But twitch is not the only platform that this Video Game Streaming Beginner Guide in 2021 want to tell you about. Youtube Live Streaming and Facebook Live(which used to be mixer) also can bring in a ton of viewers! We will show you how to get started streaming on all three sites and what to look out for once you get some viewers on your video game streaming in 2021!

Why should you Live Stream Video Games in 2021

Live streaming video games in 2021 is a multi million dollar industry that can be a career for some lucky people. For example, the famous streamer Ninja has about 16.4 million followers. This brings him in, from our research, over $500,000 dollars a month! That is insane for someone who is just playing video games in front of people!

But aside from the money potential of live streaming video games in 2021, streaming and playing games with people online is a blast! It is always fun to play with other people and live chat with them about the games online. It is a true social aspect that some generations do not understand. The ability to be social without even leaving your room is something that has taken this business from small to unbelievably big. 

Make a Plan for Your Streaming Goals

The first thing you need to do according to this streaming beginner guide in 2021 is make a plan. Write it down. If you are starting with nothing then follow this checklist. If you have some of these items, then make your own and skip it.

2021 Beginner Streamer Checklist

  • Get the right Streaming Hardware
  • Get the right streaming accessories
  • Choose and setup your streaming software programs
  • Test your stream
  • Setup your platform “about me sections” and other customizable areas
  • Create a logo or upload a picture of yourself
  • Pick a game or subject
  • Test Your Stream
  • and finally, stay consistent

What do you need! Streaming Beginner Guide in 2021

So lets dive into what you need. You need a computer that can handle streaming software and a video game running at the same time. Also, you will require the accessories like a microphone, headphones, and a camera. To get started you can find cheap accessories online and upgrade later on. But you need to have a computer that can keep up with the demand that streaming requires.

Hardware for Live Streaming Games in 2021

AMD Ryzen 7 Processor for streaming video games in 2021

To stream at 1080P, which is highly suggested, you will need a CPU that is 2.8Ghz i5 or better, at least 8gm RAM, and a graphics card with its own dedicated memory. If you can afford it, spend some money on your computer so you do not get stuck dropping frames and having to upgrade early on which will cost more in the long run.

For the CPU, I prefer the AMD ryzen series. It is affordable depending on which one you get and always a great choice. The CPU is where the encoding is done which sends the video to your platforms for your viewers to see. It is extremely important to get one that can handle the job.

What RAM do I need to Stream video Games in 2021

You are going to need a decent amount of FAST RAM. There are many brands out there, all saying they are the best. RAM or Random-access-memory is a temporary storage area anytime you turn your computer on. It gives your programs a place to store things while your computer is running that it can access quickly and efficiently. This is why it is important to get good quality fast RAM. You should be shooting for 16gb of DDR4 RAM to run smoothly. 

What Graphics Card do I need to Stream Video Games

You will need a decent graphics card with dedicated memory to handle the streaming software you use and run the game your playing at the same time. For example, the GTX 1660TI or higher end AMD card with at least 2gb video RAM will do just fine. To check out a full list, we have linked the graphics card benchmarks for live streaming video games. Once again, we suggest spending some money here to prevent yourself from having to upgrade immediately when you find out you cant do what you want with the card you initially got. Check out the benchmarks linked above to see how these cards are performing with certain games. A lot of these newer AAA games require a lot from a computer so don’t get stuck!

Streaming Beginner Guide in 2021 Accessories

You will need a microphone, headset and camera to live stream video games in 2021. You can start with a headset/microphone combo and a cheap camera if you like but eventually you will want to upgrade so you look and sound better for your followers.

Personally, I started with a $40 USB camera and a $50 headset/mic combo and did just fine for a long time. I eventually upgraded my video game streaming camera to one that worked with a green screen I bought so I could show up with my game I was playing as my background. A good choice would be the Logitech C922 Pro which can capture 1080P which is what you want for streaming. If you will be looking to use a green screen make sure you get a camera with decent frame rate. This will be essential. You will see the video game streaming in 2021 is a great hobby that will always leave you wanting to improve your set up! Be sure to check out some of our featured video game streaming setups here!

Monitors for Streaming Video Games as a Beginner in 2021

For streaming video games, it is beyond helpful to have two monitors for your computer. One you can keep your streaming software open with what you are showing to your viewers along with a chat, and the other will be your game. This makes is seamless and prevents you from having to hop through tabs and possibly miss a chat from your viewers.

There are a ton of monitors out there and some really cool dual monitor stands. Personally I have two fairly large monitors side by side and it works perfect for me. Try to get a higher resolution gaming monitor from the start so you can have a nicer view when your streaming and really appreciate the amazing graphics that many of these games are offering now.

What now?

Now that you have the required hardware to stream video games in 2021, it is time to download the software. This Video Game Streaming Beginner Guide in 2021 believes if you want the best stream, you should use one of the two following programs for you stream.

Software to Stream Video Games in 2021

Streamlabs OBS Streaming software 2021 beginner guide for video game streaming

There are two main programs used by the majority of streamers today; OBS and Streamlabs OBS. They are both incredibly similar but each has their own pros and cons. OBS is a base program that has a decent learning curve. There are a ton of guides out there and we will write one soon to help you through the process of setting it up. It is free to download and not too hard to set up once you read up on it.

On the other hand, Streamlabs OBS is much more user friendly. It has a ton of easy to use areas for chat and extra things you will want once you start streaming. You can get all these setup in regular OBS, but it takes a little more work. Streamlabs OBS is also free to a point. They offer extended streaming services for a subscription you can check out here. Streamlabs OBS offers overlays and the ability to stream to multiple platforms like twitch, youtube, and more at once for the subscription.

Restream.IO and OBS for the Streaming Beginner Guide in 2021 Streaming Beginner Guide in 2021 software for the best streaming on multi platform streaming

Personally, I use regular OBS with for my video game streaming. Restream.IO is software you download for free to be able to multi stream just like Streamlabs. You get a chat box in OBS that has all your platforms chat in one channel for you. It is incredibly easy to use and I love it. This is what this video game streaming beginner guide in 2021 recommends if you are going to use OBS. The only downside for multi streaming is the affiliate program for twitch which prevents live streaming to multiple platforms.

Can you Stream to Multiple Platforms and Twitch at the Same Time?

If you are a Twitch Affiliate the answer is no. Being a twitch affiliate lets you earn revenue from streaming and by signing their contract, you agree that when you stream on twitch, that content is only allowed on twitch for 24 hours. Once 24 hours has passed, you may then put it anywhere else you want. This prevents the use of and multi streaming.

If you still want to be able to stream on Youtube, Facebook Gaming, and Twitch, you can do two different streams. Once for twitch, and one for the other platforms. Or you can record and upload your twitch live stream to the other platforms the next day.

What is the Best Video Game to Stream as a Beginner in 2021

The best game to stream is one that you enjoy. Outside of that, you can look up games and choose ones that have the best streamer to viewer ratios. You want the fewest streamers with the most viewers. 

For some of the big games, as a new streamer it is incredibly hard to even show up on the search page when you go live. This is because so many people are streaming and it shows those who have the most viewers at the top and the least at the bottom. This can make it challenging for people who want to stream their favorite video game when it is a popular one.

One tip would be to get as many of your friends and family to tune in to boost you higher in the browse section of twitch when you are just starting out. Also, share it on all of your social media platforms so you can get as much noise made about your stream as possible. Be energetic and be fun to watch!

How to find the Best Streamer to Viewers Ratio in 2021

One great place to check out for video game streaming beginner guide in 2021 is This will give you suggestions on the best and worst games to stream depending on the hour by looking at the streamer to viewers ratio. It is a great tool so try it out and run some tests on different games and times!

Well that is about it for this basic overview of video game streaming for beginners. There is a lot more we could get in to but for this guide, we will call it here. We will be putting out many more guides on the site so be sure to take a look around. We are always updating our guides so that it has the most up to date information! Also looking toward the future to show you how to stream VR and other awesome stuff! Thank you all for visiting!


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