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Roblox VR
Roblox VR the How To Guide for 2021

Can You Play Roblox VR

Roblox VR with Oculus Quest 2

Yes you can play Roblox with VR and it is as easy as setting up your Roblox on your computer and hooking up your VR device! Roblox is a powerhouse gaming platform where users can play user created games and even create their own games without needing to know how to code! And now players can play a growing number of games in VR! This takes gaming on Roblox to a whole new level.

Roblox Virtual Reality is the next big thing to hit Roblox and it is blowing up in popularity. VR has been around for a bit now, but we have been seeing a rise in VR players and games on Roblox. Now that Christmas has passed and so many people have VR now, we are sure we will see an enormous about of new games and old games that are compatible with VR.

But what do you need to be able to play Roblox VR? Well lets get into that and see what you need to have before you can jump into it and see the game as if you were actually in it!

What you need to play VR on Roblox

Virtual Reality requirements

To play Roblox VR you will need to have Roblox Downloaded on your computer and have a VR device compatible with Roblox. We have a step by step guide later in this blog for setting it up if you already have one, but if you do not, then here are your options!

As of now according to Roblox VR post on, Roblox supports the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. But, players have been successful with playing Roblox VR on the Oculus quest and Oculus Quest 2 as well! So you do have more than two options for Roblox VR.

How much does VR cost?

VR devices can be pretty pricey and the demand for them is high, making your goals of playing difficult. But there are options! We will lay out the devices that we know have worked with roblox. Then show you the prices we have found them at the time of making the guide.

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Roblox VR Options for VR

Oculus Rift$299
Oculus Quest 2$299/ $399 for 64gb/256gb

As you can see, the price range is very wide for these different devices. Do your due diligence and figure out what works for you to be able to play!

There are also other options out there that people have supposedly made work. Some are the Samsung’s GearVR and PlaystationVR, but we have not tested these and do not plan to due to the ease of the other options.

How to Setup Roblox VR

HTC Vive

To play Roblox VR on the HTC Vive, follow this step by step guide!

  1. Step one is to download Roblox. You can find the download here for Roblox
  2. Step two for the HTC VIVE is to open up the SteamVR app. Download this app if you do not have it yet here to play Roblox VR
  3. Step three is to make sure your HTC VIVE is charged and connect it to your PC via the link box.
  4. Step four is to turn your HTC VIVE controllers on by pushing and holding the system button until you hear a beeping sound.
  5. Step five is to look and make sure the indicator lights on your SteamVR App and your HTC VIVE are green indicating they are connected.
  6. Press the system button on either controller to bring up your dashboard. You are now connected to play on your HTC VIVE!

Be mindful that if you close the SteamVR App at any time your controllers will turn off. They may also time out if you leave them idle for too long. So be careful on those dreadful bathroom and snack breaks!

Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2

  1. Step one is to download Roblox!
  2. Step two is to download the Oculus app on your PC here if you do not already have it!
  3. Step three is to plug in your oculus rift, quest, or quest 2 to your computer using the sold separately cord.
  4. Step four is to open the Oculus app and select the settings icon in the top right (this looks like a gear).
  5. Step five is to allow unknown sources on your oculus. Next in settings, click Gear Settings, General, and toggle unknown sources so that it is on.
  6. Step six is to confirm your settings. Then click desktop on the bottom menu you see when your headset is on and choose whatever PC monitor has Roblox open on it.

You are now free to click and play using the roblox Vr device. Then go through the Roblox platform how you normally would on a PC but use your VR controllers and play away!

We have combined all the oculus devices into one setup guide. This is due to the fact that they are all pretty much the same steps. We have been seeing a bunch of problems though with the oculus quest 2 but hope that these issues will be resolved soon.

If you are having problems playing with any device, first make sure your computer can handle running roblox VR

What are the Recommended Computer Requirements for Roblox VR

computer requirements for Roblox VR

To run Roblox VR, you will need a minimum of a GTX 1650 graphics card, Intel I5 or equivalent, and at least 8gb ram. But remember, this is a minimum so you may not have a great experience playing with these requirements.

Can you play Roblox VR on Mobile

Unfortunately no, at this time you can not play on Mobile due to VR requiring higher refresh rates/fps than mobile devices can deliver right now. This is because VR puts an enormous strain on your computer so you need a higher end computer to run it. 

Maybe in the future when phones progress further you will see mobile VR as an option. As a result, we may be looking at AR as the main tech for mobile. AR, or Augmented Reality, adds digital elements to the world around us. This makes the perception that things are there that are not. This differs from VR (virtual reality) in the fact that VR is fully immersive and AR is not.

So what games are available to right now you ask? Well there are quite a few and growing everyday!

Best Roblox VR Games

Some of the best games that are available now are all new and ready for you to enjoy VR! We will list the top five Best VR games on Roblox ready to play today! People on Roblox keep creating new games and adding VR to older games to keep checking back to see updates. We are very excited for the future of Roblox and VR integration.

  1. Murder Mystery
  2. VR Playground
  3. VR Sandbox
  4. VR Hands
  5. VR Blox

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