Roblox Event Guide Ready Player 2
Roblox Event Guide Ready Player 2

Roblox Event Guide: What is Ready Player 2

Roblox event guide is a guide to the event in Roblox where players must complete certain things in different games to receive prizes. Specifically, the ready player 2 roblox event started phase one on November 23rd, 2020 and phase two started on December 1st 2020. This is a hard task to do so we thought a quick and easy roblox event guide for ready player 2 event would help!

Ready player two is based off of the previous Roblox event in 2018 called ready player 1, which was also based off and sponsored by the book ready player 1. We will walk you through what you need to do to finish this event and be a champion of this Roblox Event! If you like this Roblox event guide, be sure to check out our other Roblox Beginner and advanced guides!

What do you do in the Roblox Event Ready Player 2 Guide?

In the newest edition of the Ready Player Roblox Events, you are tasked with following clues to figure out which seven games are part of the event. Once you have found a game that is part of the Roblox Event, you must now jump into that game and complete quests and beat obstacles to obtain a relic. 

This relic you obtain is also a cosmetic item for your Roblox character which makes this roblox event pay out twice! Once when you get the relic and another time when you receive all the relics and take them to the Roblox Event hub and turn them in for the big prizes!

How do You Start Roblox Ready Player 2

Roblox Event Guide Ready Player 2

First off to start the Roblox Event Ready Player 2, you must log into Roblox and join the Ready Player 2 Event Server. Once there you can start the event and even get some loot just for logging into the Event Server Hub for Ready Player 2!

From here you will get clues on what games you need to log into and complete your journey towards the awesome rewards

Ready Player 2 Guide

If you want to skip all the clues and problem solving, we can help! Here we will walk you through what games you need to play and what you need to do to finish this Roblox Event!

Step by Step Guide to The Roblox Ready Player 2

  1. Step 1: Log into the Ready Player 2 Roblox Event hub under the games tab.
  2. Step 2: The First relic is found in the Roblox Game Piggy.
    1. Press book 2 once in the game.
    2. Choose chapter 1 Alleys Map when the menu pops up.
    3. Once in the game, find the orange key to get the scissors and cut the caution tape found covering one door.
    4. Go to the hotel room with the washer and dryers and use the mop to clean the puddle up ( need a key to unlock this room as well)
    5. At around 5 minutes the brown doors will get knocked on and you must count how many knocks happen
    6. Find the dice around the map and set them to the number of knocks you heard
      1. Cafeteria room dice 1
      2. Laundry room dice 2
      3. By the safe in the corner dice 3
      4. Hotel room door unlocks now
    7. Make all the levers the wall which opens a door
      1. Spam click bottom of torches to go out
    8. Make all the levers face away from the wall now which closes the previous door and opens a new one
    9. Click the pictures on the walls now that have the same number of knocks you heard each time (for example if you heard 7 the first time and 5 the second time, find a picture that has 7 and then 5 and click them both)
      1. Dodge the enemies in the room while doing this
    10. Go through final door once this is done
  3. Step 3 Roblox Event Ready Player two second game: Bee Swarm Simulator
    1. Go to the area to the right of the spawn and you will see a green question mark on the ground. Get the auto converter
    2. Go to system and enter 7 promo codes
      1. Code 1: Troggles
      2. Code 2: Jumpstart
      3. Code 3: Luther
      4. Code 4: Dysentery
      5. Code 5: CarmenSanDiego
      6. Code 6: Millie
      7. Code 7: WordFactory
    3. Now you need to get the 7 gears to make the item
    4. Go to the shop and get the cylinder item that has three green dots side by side (micro converter) and 7 of the 7-pronged-cogs
    5. Craft it and click equip
    6. Now you can see a bee in the computer screen and it will show symbols you need to remember (4 symbols)
    7. Go to the dandelion field and you should see the symbols while you are running through   
      1. Click the symbols until they show the same symbols you saw earlier
    8. Talk to the computer bee and remember the code he gives you
      1. C = clover
      2. D = Dandelion
      3. M = Mushroom
      4. S = Sunflower
      5. Destroy the pollen in whatever field it says and set the symbol to what the bee from the computer is glitched too once he comes out
    9. Now destroy the pollen in the blue flower field and replicate the symbols from what the bee said here
    10. Talk to the computer bee and he will give you the program book
  4. Step 4 Roblox Event guide Ready Player 2 : Roblox Teen High School
    1. Press Explore and press school quickly
    2. Go as fast as you can into the library and sit in the chair before 8AM to get the key to spawn behind you
    3. Go to the classrooms and find the secret door past the workshop where you must complete a quick obby
    4. Find the portal and go through it to do the obby
      1. It is a pretty hard obby, just do your best and try to jump over the red lava so you don’t spawn at the beginning
    5. Look at the ground and see a portal at the end and jump through it and you will get the item needed!
  5. Step 5: Roblox Event Guide Ready Player 2 Bad Business
    1. Click the gift button and enter the code UNICORN
    2. Go to outfits, click on face and wear the VR Goggles
    3. Press Deploy
    4. Locations are random but you can find them by running around but look for symbols to scan ( they are blue symbols )
    5. Find the door (could be on a boat or in a room) 
    6. Put your items you found on the door with the unicorn head on the top left, wing on the top right, feet on the bottom left, tail on the bottom right
      1. You may not have all the right symbols at first to make the unicorn picture, you might have to go back out or rejoin to find more symbols to complete the picture
    7. Teleports you to a place with zombies
    8. Markers in the sky points to where you need to go
      1. Be careful you only have three lives in this area
  6. Step 6: Roblox Event Guide Ready Player 2 Shark Bite
    1. This is the hardest one
    2. You have to be a shark
    3. Swim around and get all four buoys
    4. Find the 0 or hole rock formation around the island and dive down and superboost into the rock hole
    5. Now go inside to the shark poster on the wall with the shark face in the foreground and the boat in the rear and type in chat, “you’re gonna need a bigger boat”
    6. Next, become the player and go to the sunken ship
      1. Take your boat to the back side of the lighthouse island ( where the glass wall is ) and there should be a titanic boat underwater behind the smaller island
        1. Attach all four buoys to the boat hooks around the boat
        2. It will play an animation 
      2. Now go back to your boat and go back to the 0 formation from earlier and talk to the fish which gives you a gem   
      3. Now you might have to go to the lobby 
      4. Go to the lighthouse and float up with the elevator pads to the top
      5. Jump off onto the platform and put the gem into the telescope and angle towards the sun
      6. Now it teleports you to the boss battle
        1. Make your boat go in a circle to avoid lava and hit boss with rockets 4 times
        2. Random rocks will fall second
        3. Third is the lazer where you just go in a circle to avoid
        4. Last is a combination of the other steps
      7. Then it teleports you where you need to dodge the shark
  7. Step 7: Roblox Event Guide Ready Player 2 Vehicle Simulator
    1. Go to the office building which you will have to search for and go inside to the vending machine and buy the Chocolate doughnut, hotdog, soda, strawberry doughnut, glazed doughnut, another hotdog, and another soda
    2. It then says access granted and the floor will raise up
    3. Go in the elevator
    4. Go into the room and buy the ready player 2 thing on the wall and go into your phone in your inventory and open settings, AR goggles, press on
    5. You need to collect 8 things around the map and your goggles make noises
    6. Die and reset and turn you goggles back on   
      1. When the beeping gets louder that means your getting closer
    7. After you get all of them it will play a cut-scene and you have to go back to the vending machine in the office building and do the same food code as before
    8. It will initially say access denied, try again and it will work
    9. Go down the elevator again and there should be a new door open
      1. Run down the stairs fast and get into your car and at the very end you will see a computer on the right room where you will need a launch code which is “1985” and press okay
      2. Go inside the rocket and you will get the badge (may need to go through the portal)
  8. Step 8 Roblox Event Guide Ready Player two Dungeon Quest
    1. This is actually the hardest one to do, least it is the last one on the ready player 2 roblox event guide!
    2. Get the gems in a specific order: Red, Yellow, Blue, Sian, White, Purple, Green
    3. The locations are spread around the map, you will have to search them out. Just make sure to get them in the right order!
    4. Go on top of tunnel area and look around the city for the lights (one is on the house) (5 lights total)
    5. Count the lights each time they flash (should flash 6 times) and keep track of the amounts that flashed in order which gives you a six digit code
    6. Take the code to the lake area and there’s a door with a key pad and enter the code
    7. It will teleport you to the boss where you must complete an obby and then fight the boss
  9. Step 9: after you get all the relics, stand in the thing on the floor and the crystals will light up and you will be done!


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