Roblox Beginner Guide 2021


Roblox Beginner Guide (2021)

Why this Roblox Beginner Guide 2021?

Roblox beginner guide 2021 is starting to be searched everywhere on the internet now but where do roblox beginners really start in 2021? Roblox begin such a huge game, everyone wants to know how to get started in roblox. But why choose this Roblox beginner guide? Because we wanted a simple, easy to understand guide to roblox. We are here to take you from knowing nothing about the game, to being ready to conquer anything you want in it. We have been doing a few beginner guides for 2021 so check them all out! Feel free to skip around the guide by clicking on one of the items in the table of contents above!

What is Roblox for the Beginner?

Roblox is a free to download and play gaming platform where people can create their own games or play ones others have created. Roblox has a huge community of players! What is crazy is that there are over 40 million roblox games on the platform. Since people can create their own games using the roblox studio, the games are all different and there is one about anything you can imagine. From “bee simulator” to “hide and seek”, there is always something new to explore. There are MMORPGS, first person shooters, sandbox games, and minecraft like games.

With so many things to do in Roblox, no wonder there are over 115 million active roblox players playing every month. It is really a break through in video gaming. This is why we thought it was important to write this roblox beginner guide in 2021. This game is HUGE and not going anywhere anytime soon.

History of Roblox till 2021

Roblox was created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004. Initially desgined under the name Interactive Physics, it was a 2D world to teach people around the world about physics. Once they saw how amazing it was and what people were creating, they decided to take it to the next level and build the Roblox platform.

On July 23rd, 2004, the first non-admin user account was created. It had the name of “greg”. Then on July 31st, 2004, the first game was created by the makers of Roblox. This first roblox game was called “Spasmotron2 vs. Wimpotron2”. After this, continuous updates and additions have been made to Roblox to make it the powerhouse of a free online game it is now!

Here is a short video about the story of Roblox and its creators!

What are Some Games Like Roblox in 2021?

Roblox is one of a kind video game in its open concept on game creation, sharing, and playing with others. The closest you can get to a Roblox like game is Minecraft, Terasology, Garry’s Mod, or Lego Worlds. We will walk you through each of these games and show you what is similar and different than Roblox.

Roblox, being the king of all these types of games where users can create and share their own games, or simply play games others have made, has definitely made its mark on this genre. There are not many games like it where you can go from playing a first person shooter, to playing a farmville like game.

But there are other options out there and we will share them here.

Minecraft Basic Overview

roblox beginner guide 2020 roblox like games minecraft

Roblox’s main competition in the sandbox genre would have to be the famous game of Minecraft. In minecraft, you can basically build and do anything you want. In the base game, you play as your own character in a world of either survival mode or creative mode. Survival mode is where you focus on building a house (or more) and getting food, weapons, armor, crops, and much more. You then work your way through getting better and better things to build and can battle monsters around the world and if you are pushing it, can go to the end, a massive island with nothing but void around with a void stone in the middle.

There is much more to “the end” zone in minecraft so be sure to check it out!

In creative mode, you have access to all of Minecraft’s base blocks without having to find them or make them yourself. This gives you the freedom to just build and show your true creative side. You also have the ability to fly, making those high builds much easier.

What are Minecraft Servers?

Minecraft servers are servers people own that they can build up and add mods(or modifications) to the base game. Minecraft has pretty much any kind of mod you can imagine, from a Grand Theft Auto mod, to a pokemon mod server. Also, there are servers where you can PVP, PVE, and much more. There is almost no end to the possibilities in Minecraft, similar to Roblox.

What is Terasology?

roblox beginner guide 2020 roblox like games terasology

Terasology is an open sourced game like Roblox that pays tribute to Minecraft. They explain on their website that they host their own mods(modifications) and highly encourage any crazy or well-thought-out modifications people can come up with. They have their own discord and are quickly becoming a very stable and popular platform for those looking for alternatives to Minecraft and Roblox.

What is Garry’s Mod?

roblox beginner guide 2020 roblox like games garry's mod

Another game similar to Roblox is Garry’s Mod. Garry’s Mod is a physics sandbox open source game build on valves source engine. Priding itself on having better graphics than its competition, it is also centered around user created mods. Having a big community of players and modders, it is growing currently having an average of 50,000 active players a month.

Being available on mobile as well as PC just like Minecraft and Roblox, this game is definitely one to check out if you are looking for a game similar to Roblox!

What is Lego Worlds?

roblox beginner guide 2020 roblox like games lego worlds

Lego Worlds is a game similar to Roblox, initially released on steam in 2015 but now on console as well, where players care create, manipulate, and shape the game environment out of lego blocks. Find creatures, ride vehicles, and experience the real life lego-sets put into this video game. You can also create your character with different outfits and gear as you choose.

Lego Worlds has multiple DLC’s available for users to get to expand the base game and has a great following of lego and sandbox game enthusiasts. If you enjoy Roblox as much as us, Lego World’s is definitely worth the play through!

But What about this Roblox Beginner Guide (2021)?

Okay, let’s get back to why we are all here. ROBLOX! Roblox is the champion of all these games in our opinion and offers the most diversity and biggest community you can find in a sandbox game.

Should you play Roblox in 2021?

roblox beginner guide 2020
roblox beginner guide 2020

Roblox is a incredibly popular open world sandbox platform where users can play with a massive community games they created or those that others have created. With over 115 million active users, it gives people a place to create games with little to no programming necessary and the possibility of the craziest games from every genre. From mmorpgs, to fps, and even obbys, there is always something to explore in Roblox.

So our answer is yes! We think you should play Roblox in 2021 even as a beginner. There is so much possibility in Roblox. But how do I start you may ask? Well lets dive into it!

How to Make a Roblox Account

Step 1: Visit the Roblox Account Creation Website

roblox beginner guide 2020

How to make a Roblox account is a question asked by almost every new player. But it is extremely simple and fast! The first thing you need to do to make a roblox account is to visit the roblox website. You can simply google roblox and go to their homepage and it will take you to this screen. Fill out the required information and then continue to the next step!

Step 2: Understanding Your Roblox Home Screen in 2021

roblox beginner guide 2020 roblox home screen

The roblox home page is pretty simple once you get to know it. The first red arrow you see on the picture here is titled Games. This is where you can explore all the games Roblox has to offer. You can search for specific games or see recommended games based on popularity or date created/updated.

The second red arrow you see is the Avatar shop. This is where you can design your roblox character to look how you want. This is important because this is how your character will look in every roblox game you play! You can choose different body styles, outfits, and extra stuff. There is plenty of free options as well as paid options in roblox.

This brings us to the third arrow(the one on the right) titled Robux.

How Do I get Robux on Roblox as a Beginner?

What is robux for the roblox beginner guide 2020

Robux is the currency system in Roblox to purchase in game items as well as customization options for how your character looks. Most games on Roblox offer robux options for better maps, better gear, or something to make your time in the game funner or easier. It is definitely not mandatory to buy some, but it always helps!

There are two options if you want to buy Robux. You can do a one time buy for certain amounts based on price, or you can do a monthly plan called premium robux.

Robux Beginner Buying Options on Roblox in 2021

What is robux for the roblox beginner guide 2020

As you can see in this picture, you have multiple options if you would like to buy robux. There are also many sites online advertising ways to get free robux, although we have not tested any of these and do not recommend them. Many of them may be fishing scams and can be dangerous. The best way to get robux if you want some on roblox, is to just pay the money and enjoy the fun!

Current Robux to Dollar Conversion Rate in 2021


How to Create Games on Roblox as a Beginner in 2021

To create games on Roblox, you must download the roblox studio platform by clicking on the create tab at the top of your Roblox home screen. Once clicked, you will be taken to a page where after clicking create, will be prompted to download roblox studio, the platform used to create games on roblox.

Make Anything You Can Imagine

Step 1: Download the Roblox Studio platform free in 2021

Free, easy to download from your Roblox home screen, the Roblox studio is the one stop shop to create and share roblox games! Just click start creating and follow the download process!

Step 2: Login to Roblox Studio as a Beginner

You will need to log into Roblox studio with the same account information that your regular roblox account is. You may make a new roblox account if you would like for making games, but it is easy to just use the same login.

Step 3: Create Your First Roblox Game in 2021

Finally we are ready to make our first game. Here you can see the homepage for the roblox studio with the side bar on the left with New, My Games, Recent, and Archive. Explore these as you wish.

All Templates in Roblox Studio

On this new game Roblox Studio page you will also see a bar at the top with three options; All Templates, Theme, and Gameplay. Here is where you can start creating a game from a template Roblox has. You can choose to make it by appearance to start, or by type of game is it.

Roblox Studio Game Themes
Roblox Studio Gameplay Templates

Use This Roblox Beginner Guide 2021 to Make the Next Great Game!

Now it is time for you to create the next hit roblox game! Have fun, explore all the options and learn about everything the roblox studio has to offer. It is time to create your first roblox game. This roblox beginner guide in 2021 is not going to go in to the details of how everything in the studio works. This post is just an overview of what it is and how to get started.

We will make a new post on the details of game making in the near future. Check back on our roblox games page here for future posts!

What are the Best Roblox Games for Beginners in 2021

There are over 40 million Roblox games to date, all different from one another. Some of the best games are Build a Boat for Treasure, Welcome to Bloxburg, Islands, Theme Park Tycoon 2, and Tower Defense Simulator. But explore all the games on roblox that you can. You will be surprised at how many games that are not on the main home page that are truly amazing and have a huge following!

Thank you for reading this Roblox Beginner guide 2021. We hope you have learned the basics of Roblox, Roblox Studio, and how to navigate these homepages. Hopefully we have inspired you to try out some of the amazing games offered on Roblox for beginners. Also, give game creation a shot!

Feel free to comment any questions you have and we will get back to you ASAP!


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