OSRS Pet (How to get OSRS Pets in 2021)

OSRS Pet Guide 2021
OSRS Pet Guide 2021

OSRS Pet: What is an OSRS Pet?

An OSRS Pet is a non-combat NPC that follows the OSRS player and stays loyal to them. It is usually obtained from bosses or skilling and most pets can be interacted with. An Old School Runescape pet may be hit or lost since it can only follow at a walking pace but will eventually teleport close to the player. 

Each player can only have one OSRS Pet following them at a time. This prevents a long line of pet followers crowding up areas of the map. If you ever want to have your pet teleport to you, you can select the “call follower” button under worn equipment to make your OSRS pet teleport to you.

Just like items in runescape, they can be stored in a bank. They can also be stored in a player owned house (POH). Once you level up your OSRS Menagerie to max, you can store up to 52 pets. 

If you ever drop your OSRS pet, it will automatically start following you.

Check out our overall OSRS Beginnger Guide in 2021 and see if there is something outside of OSRS pets that you are not aware of!

Why get an OSRS Pet

OSRS pets are a strong flex in the game. Having these pets means you did something that took some time usually to get it. Even though the drops are random on many of them, many of the pets are very hard to obtain. Having a difficult to obtain OSRS pet following you is awesome and people notice! Flaunt it in the Grand Exhange and show your power!

How to get an OSRS Pet

OSRS Pets are obtained by bossing, skilling, questing, quests, and other special ways. Each OSRS pet has its own drop rate. This is the chance at dropping per each thing done. We will break down each way to obtain pets with a list of pets. We will also show you which OSRS pets are the easiest and hardest to obtain. 

OSRS One-Off Pets

OSRS Pet guide in 2021 Old School Runescape Pet Tier List drop rates and full guide

OSRS One-off pets are pets you receive from bossing or skilling. When the pet is dropped or received, it will automatically try to start following the player. Once the pet is dropped it also will make a special sound and you will see a message in your chat box that says “You have a funny feeling like you’re being followed”.

What if a OSRS Pet drops when I already have a Pet following

If an OSRS pet drops when you already have a pet following you, the new pet will show up in your inventory. If this happens you will see a different chat box message. This message will be “You feel something weird sneaking into your backpack”. Once you see this check your inventory for your newly achieved prize pet! 

Will I still receive an OSRS pet if my inventory is full

OSRS what if my inventory is full will I still get a pet drop

Unfortunately no. If you have a pet dropped while skilling and your inventory is full and you already have a follower out, you will not receive the new pet. 

If you have only one inventory space left while skilling and a pet drops the same time a resource drops (i.e wood, ore, ect), the pet will take the last inventory spot and the resource will drop to the ground. This is great because it is much easier to get another resource like ore or wood than it is to get the OSRS pet to drop a second time!

Can you get multiples of the same OSRS Pets

Yes, you can have an OSRS pet drop that you already have. It will follow the same rules are before. The only difference is that when the OSRS pet drops for the second time, you will see a different message in the chat box. You will see “You have a funny feeling like you would have been followed…”.

There is only one known exception to this rule. This is the abyssal orphan pet. This pet is received in a totally different way than other pets so you can only get one.

How to insure OSRS Pets

To insure pets so that you may get it back if it is lost, you can visit Probita in East Ardougne and pay an insurance fee of 500,000 gold. If the pet is then lost after it is insured, it will cost an additional 1,000,000 gold to get it back. This seems highly expensive to some, but with some of the drop chances and work done to get these OSRS pets, it may be worth it!

OSRS Pet Lists and Drop Rates

So we were going to make a list of all the pets available and list their drops rates. But in all honesty, the guys at OSRS Wiki have already done that and it can not be beat! We want to throw a shout out to those who run and write for that site because they have helped us so many times!

We also want to throw a shout out to Theoatrix! He is a legend in OSRS and has some of the best guides and advice out there!

So we have taken a couple of the OSRS Wiki charts they made up listing the pets and where they come from. But all the credit goes to them for their hard work! But what we will do is list the easiest and hardest pets to obtain for you!

Bossing Pets found in OSRS

OSRS Skilling Pets

Other Pets to Obtain in OSRS

Easiest OSRS Pets to Get

But what are the easiest OSRS Pets to obtain? Many OSRS legends have made lists about which ones are the easiest OSRS pets to obtain and what I have found is that there are two main lists. One list is based on just the drop rate and the other list is based on what levels, quests, and achievements are needed to get the pet at all.

So what we have decided to do is make a list combining the two strategies. This will give you a complete idea of what you need to get each OSRS pet and their drop rates all in one. Keep in mind some of these that require slayer require you to be on task to get the pet!

OSRS Easiest Pets to Obtain 2021

1. Chompy Chick

OSRS Easiest Pets to Obtain 2021 Chompy Chick
  • Must Complete Western Provinces Elite Diary (requires killing 1000 chompys)
  • 1:500 Drop Rate

2. The Chaos Elemental OSRS Pet

OSRS Easiest Pets to Obtain 2021 The Chaos Elemental pet
  • Kill chaos fanatics
  • 75+ Ranged skill, 70+ Defense skill, 37+ Prayer skill, 96+ magic skill for Ghorrock Teleport
  • 1:1000 Drop rate

4. Scorpia’s Offspring

OSRS easiest pets to get 2021 Scorpia's offspring
  • In the cave beneath scorpian pit
  • Wilderness concerns for Ironman, HCIM, UIM accounts
  • Watch for PKers
  • 75+ magic skill (for trident of the swamp), 45+ prayer skill (for mystic might), 70+ defense(for Ahrim’s Robes)
  • 1:2000 Drop rate

Kraken Pet

Osrs easiest pets to get 2021 The kraken pet
  • Slayer boss must be on slayer task
  • 87+ slayer skill, high level combat skills or 75+ magic skill for staves
  • 1:3000 Drop rate

The Smoke Devil Pet

Osrs easiest pets to get 2021 The Smoke Devil pet
  • 97+ slayer skill, 90+ attack, 90+ hitpoints, 94+ magic skill
  • 1:3000 Drop rate

Baby Mole

OSRS easiest pets to get 2021 drop rates Baby Mole
  • 92+ hitpoints, 70+ attack/strength skills, 40+ defense skill, 75+ ranged skill, 43+ prayer skill
  • 1:3000 Drop Rate


OSRS Easiest pets to get 2021 drop rates and skills needed Skotos
  • 92+ hitpoints, 70+ attack/strength skills, 40+ defense skills, 75+ ranged skill 43+ prayer skill
  • 1:65 Drop rate

Venenatis Spiderling

 drop rates and guide Venenatis Spiderling
  • Hard to say the name of…..
  • 90+ combat, 70+ hitpoints, 75+ranged skill, 80+ strength skill, 75+ attack skill, 70+ defense skill, 94+ magic skill
  • 1:2000 Drop rate

Hellpuppy OSRS pet

guide and drop rates Hellpuppy  guide
  • 91+ slayer skill, 85+ attack/strength/defense, 70+ prayer skill
  • 1:3000 Drop rate

JAD Pet (TzRek-Jad translated as Baby Fire Elemental)

 TzRek-Jad (translated as Baby Fire Elemental) JAD drop rate guide
  • 75+ ranged skill, 70+ hitpoints, 43+ prayer skill, 70+ defense skill
  • 1:200 Drop rate

OSRS Pets in 2021

So thats it for our quick guide to OSRS pets drop rates and reccomended levels needed to aquire these OSRS pets! Please let us know if we missed something or if you think we could improve this guide somewhere!

Also let us know your favorite pet! Comment below or leave us a comment on our youtube, facebook or twitch!

Thank you all and happy OSRS pet hunting!

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