OSRS Beginner Guide 2021

OSRS Beginner Guide 2021
OSRS Beginner Guide 2021

OSRS Beginner Guide: The Down and Dirty of OSRS 2021

Watch us go through the OSRS Beginner Guide Process

Why this OSRS Beginner Guide in 2021?

OSRS Beginner guide 2021 is a giant search with a ton of results but in 2020, you need a quick guide to OSRS. You landed here on this gaming guide. Why choose this guide you say? Because this is the down and dirty, simple to understand, basic guide to get into old school runescape. Just like our other guides, we wanted an easy to understand guide for beginners in Old School Runescape.

This OSRS beginner guide will take you from not knowing OSRS at all to getting through the tutorial island with the decisions you want to make your character as successful as possible!

What is OSRS (Old School Runescape)

OSRS or Old School Runescape is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) from 2007 that has you create a character of your design with a set of 23 skills you can level up each to 99. Each OSRS skill has unlocks at certain levels giving you the opportunity to be an entrepreneur, warrior, mage, quester, or skiller. You can do almost anything in OSRS which we discuss later in this page!

What is AWESOME about OSRS is that you can play on PC and mobile! This gives you the ability to play Old School Runescape anytime, anywhere.

Let me preface this by saying we know there are many other guide choices out there but we wanted to make one that is a quick, down and dirty OSRS beginner guide. OSRS is a simple game, so it deserves a simple guide for new players to follow.

History of OSRS for the Beginner

OSRS (Old school Runescape) is a game made by Jagex, a game developer from the UK   They are the ones who are responsible for so many hours of grind by at least 100,000 OSRS players at a time. They have a design philosophy based around player interaction which is something you can read about more on their website.

What is Unique about OSRS game is that it was initially released on February 22nd 2013 as a 2007 version of classic Runescape but is now updated by in-game polls from players. This makes players of OSRS decide what updates they want to go live! This puts the power of the game in the player!

Runescape vs OSRS

OSRS is different from Runescape nowadays. This OSRS Beginner guide is about OSRS and not Runescape. But to briefly describe the difference, OSRS is an old game with more players than Runescape, and Runescape or RS3, is a newer, redone version of runescape.

The newer RS3 has more skills, more pay to win, and better graphics. But like this guide said, OSRS has many more players than the newer version of runescape. There is a huge controversy and rivalry between OSRS and RS3 that we will not get into.

What are OSRS Servers/Worlds

OSRS Server/World select for the beginner in 2020

OSRS (old school runescape) has many different servers or worlds for a beginner to choose from. Basically, for simplicity of this OSRS beginner guide, there are free to play worlds, pay to play worlds, and other worlds.

Free to play worlds are what you as an OSRS beginner would most likely be looking for. These are the worlds in grey that do not require a paid membership to join. But you may ask, what world should I play on in OSRS.

The answer is any of them. All the worlds are the same game. It just has different numbers of players on each one. (This is aside from the special worlds we will discuss next).

What world to play in OSRS as a Beginner in 2021

Some OSRS worlds have specialties. For instance, world 327 is one that players go to Ourania Altar or ZMI altar. This makes the mobs there less likely to attack you when you are grinding runecrafting and easier to click follow on other players to make it more AFK.

You can still do anything else, anywhere else you want on that world, just more players will be at ZMI. This is one example of many different specialty worlds there are in OSRS.

Should You Play OSRS in 2021

OSRS is an extremely popular game that is immersive even with older graphics. It is an old school game with updates every week on thursday to keep the quality of life great and release new content. With an enormous amount of things to do like bossing or questing, OSRS is definitely a game to stay.  Things to do never end in OSRS. One example is the grind to obtain OSRS pets! We wrote a new OSRS pet guide for 2021 showing you all the awesome OSRS pets you can get and how to get them. But lets continue with making an account!

How to make an OSRS Account

To make an OSRS account, the easiest way is to visit the OSRS website. If you were to type in runecape in google, you may be confused because you will most likely see stuff about the new runescape and not old school runecape. As you may have seen on our video above, just go here to the OSRS account creation page.

OSRS create an account

Follow the steps on the site and you will be able to start your journey and follow along in this OSRS beginner guide.

You will need a valid email to make the account. If you do not have one, head on over to gmail or whatever email service you prefer and make one!

It is as simple as that! Once you have your own OSRS Beginner account, you are ready to move on!

Free to play vs Pay to Play OSRS

In OSRS, just like almost any MMORPG, there is a F2P (or free-to-play) and a P2P(or pay to play) option. P2P on OSRS is called members.

Membership in OSRS has a couple different pricing options seen here, all basically around ten dollars a month that give you access to more skills, areas, and things to do! This OSRS beginner guide 2021 believes it is always a good choice to become a member. You get access to faster grinding with much better experience rates per hour in OSRS than the F2P experience rates.


Should You Use RuneLite for OSRS in 2021

Runelite is a beginner player in OSRS’s pride and joy! It will help you as a beginner and throughout your time in the game with amazing utilities that the regular OSRS client does not offer.

But What is Runelite and How do I get it?

Runelite for OSRS


RuneLite is a free to use and download, open-source client for OSRS.

It has so many features like action tool tips, experience calculators, chat commands, clue scroll helpers, and so much more! It makes your OSRS experience so much better!

OSRS Beginner Guide Character Customization

You can make your character in OSRS look like anything you want. Choose whatever options you want. But there is one thing to think about when choosing your gender.

OSRS Character Customization

Why Make your Character in OSRS a Girl?

For the quest Recruitment Guide. During this quest, if you are a male, you must pay 3000 gold to make yourself look like a girl. If you are already female, then you do not. It is that simple.

So it is up to you, do you want to save 3000gp (which is not much at all, even for HCIM), or just be a male if that was your first choice!

Tutorial Island: Home of the OSRS Beginner and Beyond

Old school runescape tutorial island limitations

The first place the OSRS Beginner will find themselves after making a character is OSRS Tutorial Island. This is the place where the new player learns all the basics of Old School Runescape and how to play it.

Here you will talk to Gielinor, who will show you how to move the camra, talk to NPCs, open doors, and the basics of moving around this new world.

The next step is learning about Fishing, Firemaking, and woodcutting. These three skills are taught by the survival expert.

OSRS Tutorial Island Continued

Next you will work your way through talking and learning from the OSRS master navigator, quest guide, mining instructor, combat instructor, account guide, and finally the mage instructor.

At this point, you are talked to about the Ironman, Hardcore Ironman, and Ultimate Ironman options. We will discuss this below. But first, here are some limitations of tutorial island.

What can you do on OSRS Tutorial Island?

The most you can do on OSRS tutorial island is get level 3 in woodcutting, fishing, cooking, smithing, magic, Attack, Strength, Defense, Ranged, Prayer and collect items to store in your bank for the future. This may be a good idea to get these level 3 skills here since it is all fairly close together.

OSRS Ironman, Hardcore Ironman, and Ultimate Ironman Modes

If you want a real challenge,then it is time for this OSRS beginner guide 2021 to introduce you to the ironman modes.

These are special modes that put restrictions on your character to make the game more challenging. As a beginner, we do not recommend doing any of these for your first character but the choice is yours. Here are the mores explained.

OSRS ionrman, hardcore ironman, and ultimate ironman modes

What is OSRS Ironman Mode?

Ironman mode in OSRS is where the game puts restrictions on your account. These include the following.

  • No trading with other players or picking up loot they helped kill for
  • Can not use of grand exchange (except bonds for membership)
  • XP or loot in PVP is less or none at all
  • rewards from minigames and other experiences are limited
  • and many more you can read here on the official runescape website.

What is Hardcore Ironman (HCIM) mode in OSRS?

Hardcore Ironman mode in OSRS is even harder with all the above restrictions as well as having only one life.

This means if you die as a Hardcore Ironman in OSRS, your account will no longer be playable and you will have to make a new character!

OSRS Death Symbol

What is Ultimate Ironman (UIM) mode in OSRS

Finally, Ultimate ironman mode in OSRS is where you have all the resctrictions of ironman mode and HCIM mode but also, you may not use banks.

This means that during your whole game experience, you will only be able to have as much stuff as you can wear or hold in your inventory. This puts the challenge to the extreme and is only for those who really want a challenege outside of the normal game modes! Good Luck!

If you want to see an example of ironman modes check out a new series one of our editors is doing where he is streaming his progress everyday of his new HCIM in OSRS!

Dying in OSRS as a Beginner in 2021

Dying in any mmorpg is dreadful. But in OSRS, it is not so bad. When you die you lose all your inventory and worn items with the exception of your three most valuable items. Also, upon death, your dropped items are stored in a tombstone where you died which you have 15min to run back to and get what you lost before others can get it.

This is a lifesaver for those who might be carrying items that are worth a lot!

OSRS Death and Dying as a beginner in 2020

You may respawn in several locations, the basic one being Lumbridge.

  • Camalot: Must complete “king’s randsom” and “knight waves training grounds”
  • Edgeville: After paying 5M coins to Krystilia
  • Falador: after completing “recruitment drive”
  • And a couple more you will learn along the way!

Visiting Death in OSRS

You may also visit DEATH in Lumbridge graveyard by clicking on his coffin to get back items you were not able to claim by gravestone. Although, there is a fee and you will not get everything back!

What to Do as a Beginner in OSRS in 2021

Now the game of OSRS is yours! This is where you start deciding what you would like to do. That can be anything from flipping stuff on the grand exchange, leveling up combat skills to take on bosses or PVP, completing all the quests and getting the quest cape.

There is so much to this game that we can not tell you what to do in this simple OSRS Beginner guide. The choice is yours!

If you are completly stuck, our suggestion is you start doing the quests! There are many OSRS beginner quest guides out there and some that even tell you what order to do them in.

By doing these quests, you will level up different skills, make money, and learn the game. All while working towards getting your quest cape!

“But wait! This OSRS beginner guide did not even tell me what a quest cape or grand exchange is!”

Well you got us…

OSRS Capes

OSRS level 99 capes for beginners

Max capes in OSRS are capes you get after getting to 99 (the highest obtainable level) in each skill. Once you reach 99 in a skill, you can get the cape. Many capes give benefits like teleporting or other great utilities. Some have things you must do to obtain these capes and some you may just pay gold to an NPC to get. This is something players work towards their whole OSRS career.

OSRS Beginner Guide 2020 Varrock and Grand Exchange

The grand exchange in OSRS is a basically an auction house. It is a place where players can list items for whatever price they want so other players can buy them.

This is where (if you are not an ironman) you can get materials, armor, weapons, food, and much more! Many people focus their whole game around this place, playing the economy and becoming rich. This is what is so awesome about OSRS. You can play anyway you want. There are a ton of level one players that all they do is flip stuff on the auction house and make money. But this OSRS beginner guide will not go into much more than that and will have another post dedicated to this magnificent place!

That’s All For Now in this OSRS Beginner Guide 2021

So that is about as much detail this OSRS beginner guide is going to go into. Now it is time for you to make your mark. Become a powerful maxed out character with all level 99 skills. Take on OSRS bosses and defeat other players and take what they have on them! Sit and lie in wait as you PK those unsuspecting players in the wilderness. Have fun and be sure to check back for more guides about details of everything we talked about here! Thank you and have fun!








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